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Japanese folklore and traditional medicine attest to mochi's ability to warm the body and increase energy. Mochi's sweet taste nourishes the pancreas, spleen, and stomach.

Physically strengthening and easy to digest, mochi is an excellent food for people who are in a weakened condition. Japanese farmers and laborers favor mochi during colder months because of its reputation for increasing one's stamina.

Mochi is recommended for such health problems as anemia, blood-sugar imbalances, and weak intestines. Pregnant and lactating women benefit, because it strengthens both mother and child and encourages a plentiful supply of milk. Mochi made with the herb mugwort, which grows wild throughout Japan, is particularly high in calcium and iron and is traditionally given to women after childbirth. Mugwort mochi is also good for people who are anemic and those who want to gain weight.

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