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Takuan Pickles
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Pickled vegetables are a vital part of the Japanese diet, and no meal is considered complete without them. Takuan, or daikon pickled in rice bran, is one of the most important and traditional of all Japanese pickles. They are still commonly made in Japanese homes every fall and eaten throughout the winter. Named after the famous Zen Buddhist priest, Takuan, who introduced and popularized their use, Takuan Pickles are especially rich in B-vitamins and beneficial lactobacilli bacteria.

Mitoku Takuan is made by the same traditional farmhouse methods that have been used for centuries, and they contain no dyes, artificial additives, colorings, preservatives or sugar. Their crisp texture and sharp, tangy flavor make the perfect accompaniment for meals of brown rice, vegetables and miso soup. Cut off a few slices as a delicious side dish or as a tasty snack.

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