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Traditional MISO Intro - A Health Secret to Savor
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Miso, a fermented soy food, is one of the world's most delicious, versatile, and medicinal foods. This ancient Far Eastern staple began appearing on natural food store shelves in the West about 30 years ago and has established itself as an essential ingredient in the natural cuisine.It is no wonder that miso has become popular among health-conscious Americans.

In addition to its great flavor and versatility, the daily use of miso is credited with numerous health benefits. Miso is simple to use and can enhance every course from hors d'oeuvres to desserts, from basic macrobiotic cooking to gourmet fare. Mitoku's extensive line of misos includes some of Japan's most famous and unique misos, such as Hatcho 3-year soybean miso and Onozaki. red, brown rice, and barley misos. Mitoku also has a wide selection of other traditionally made rice, brown rice, soybean, barley and sweet white misos. Many of our misos are organic and all are GMO free.

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