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SEITAN - The Vegetarian Alternative
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Seitan, or seasoned wheat gluten, is a highly nutritious, protein-rich food that can be quickly and easily prepared in a variety of interesting ways. Although not widely known in the West, seasoned wheat gluten was traditionally eaten in China, Korea, Japan, Russia, the Middle East, and probably other countries that grew wheat. Seasoned wheat gluten is also associated with the dietary habits of religious groups such as Buddhists, Mormons, and Seventh Day Adventists. Seitan is a Japanese word that usually refers to wheat gluten that has been simmered in a broth of soy sauce and kombu. In the West seitan is often flavored with rosemary, ginger and even black pepper to give it additional flavor and familiarity. Mitoku Seitan is amazingly meat-like in texture, with a delicious, savory flavor that makes it a very appealing and versatile vegetarian source of protein.

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