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Rice Vinegar Recipes
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Refreshing and delicious, naturally brewed rice vinegar is a wonderful seasoning. Characterized by a light sweetness, it is full-bodied yet mild, without the sharpness often associated with industrial vinegar. You can enjoy brown rice vinegar in all the ways you enjoy other natural vinegars. A stimulating contrast of flavors, brown rice vinegar brings almost any food to life

Besides being a mainstay in salad dressings, pickling mixtures, and marinades, rice vinegar also perks up sauces, dips, spreads, and entrées. Japanese housewives add a little rice vinegar to cooked summer rice to prevent it from spoiling. To make beans more digestible, add a little vinegar to the cooking liquid once the beans are tender. Brown rice vinegar also enhances the flavor of grain, vegetable, and fish dishes. It can help balance salt and fats, and reduce cravings for strong sweets.

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