About Us

Founded in 1969, Mitoku Co., Ltd. is a leading exporter of Japanese organic and natural foods. It is our belief that the diet which has developed in Japan over the past several centuries can make a great contribution to the rest of the world, providing foods that are wholesome, balanced, and nutritious, as well as being delicious and satisfying. Our mission is to introduce the rest of the world to the traditional food culture of Japan by supplying the finest organic products available.

Based in Japan, we work with long-established producers to develop Japanese products of the highest quality. Our producers take a traditional approach to manufacturing, valuing time-honored techniques over convenient mass production. We pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships with our suppliers, working with more than sixty different manufacturers to meet the increasing demand for our products around the world. Each product in our line-up has been carefully selected and prepared according to our rigorous quality standards. Furthermore, we are constantly working to develop exciting new items with producers who share our principles.

Mitoku’s reputation as a pioneering exporter of high-quality traditional Japanese foods was built upon the shoulders of two pivotal figures in the company’s history: company founder Akiyoshi Kazama (1930-2012) and Michio Kushi (1926-2014), one of the founders of the macrobiotic movement. The Mitoku story begins in 1967, when Kushi, after spending several years spreading the word about macrobiotics, decided to open a microbiotic store, named Erewhon, in the US city of Boston. Kushi had long been searching for a way to provide the sort of organic, wholesome, and naturally processed foods Japan could offer to his students and others in order to guide them to a more authentic, natural lifestyle. Then, with perfect timing, he met Kazama, who was already involved in the import-export business. The two men decided to team up, combining their respective expertise to build a unique and specialized business.

We currently ship to customers in more than forty countries across Europe, North and South America, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond. Through our network of importers, distributors, and retailers, we are committed to providing food that our customers can enjoy the taste of, while having complete peace of mind about safety.