Our Philosophy

Mitoku is a dedicated member of the organic food movement. We believe that organic is always the best option and are opposed to the widening development and use of genetically engineered foods. Our commitment to quality will never be compromised by the pressure to compete with cheap, mass-produced goods. Providing the products needed to maintain the well-being of the individual and the health of the natural environment: this was the goal at the beginning over 50 years ago, and it remains our goal today. The following logo has symbolized these beliefs ever since Mitoku first went into business.

Ishoku Dōgen: “Food is Medicine”

Ishoku Dōgen, this profound Japanese saying has been part of Asian cultural heritage for thousands of years, and it is Mitoku’s guiding principle. Ishoku means literally “food and medicine”, dōgen “from the same source”. This phrase encapsulates the idea that both that which we eat and that which heals us come from the same source. In other words, our approach to our diet has a great impact on our well-being.

Today, modern science and medicine are in agreement with this ancient wisdom. People are increasingly coming to understand the crucial importance of diet to well-being. This is why we are committed to providing products made with the finest organic ingredients available, in partnership with manufacturers who are dedicated to preserving time-honored recipes and traditional preparation methods. When you pick up a Mitoku product, you are being introduced to the spirit of ishoku dōgen – the essence of good food.