Other Miso Products

With varieties ranging from dark and robust to mild and sweet, miso is one of Japan’s most versatile foods. Despite its long history, there are still many new forms and new uses for miso waiting to be discovered. While respecting tradition, Mitoku also seeks to innovate and adapt to changing times, and this is reflected in products such as our salt-reduced miso and organic spicy miso.

  • Organic Chickpea Miso (Soybean-Free)

    This tasty and nutritious addition to our miso range replaces soybeans with organic chickpeas, resulting in an unpasteurized miso that is loaded with active enzymes while being allergen-free. This nourishing miso has a crisp texture and appealing color, with a well-balanced flavor combining sweet notes with salty.

  • Organic Lentil Miso (Soybean-Free)

    Made with organic lentils, this delicious addition to our miso range provides all the benefits or traditional unpasteurized miso without the use of soybeans. Rich in essential nutrients such as folate, iron, and manganese, the lentils also add their own distinctive texture and flavor to this wholesome condiment.

  • Organic Umami Powder

    Mitoku’s Organic Umami Powder is an innovative new form of miso. First, carefully selected organic ingredients are transformed into miso paste using traditional methods. This paste is then freeze-dried without any additives in order to preserve all its goodness.

  • Organic Salt Reduced Rice Miso – Unpasteurised

    Reducing salt intake in our diet is thought to be one way to avoid lifestyle related diseases. For this reason, Mitoku now offers a reduced sodium option for organic miso. This unpasteurized miso contains at least 25% less salt than our standard miso without compromising on taste. It has a rounded and satisfying flavor similar to our brown rice miso.

  • Organic Yuzu Miso

    A traditional miso variety that is integral to Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, yuzu miso is made by combining the finest quality yuzu – a fragrant Japanese citrus fruit – with mellow white miso to create a miso with depth and complex sweetness. The miso must be produced with great care, so as not to lose the rich yet delicate flavor and aroma of yuzu.

  • Organic Spicy Miso

    Organic Spicy Miso combines Mitoku’s wholesome miso with the comforting piquancy of chili. Use it as a handy ready-made sauce to add an exciting flavor dimension to grilled or roasted vegetables, pour it over stir-fried dishes, or use it as a marinade base, vegetable dip, or hearty dressing! A soybean-free variety is also available.

  • Organic Rice-Only Miso (Soybean-Free)

    A gentle and refreshingly sweet addition to our soybean-free miso range, Organic Rice-Only Miso is made from just two ingredients: rice and sea salt. With its well-rounded, mild flavor, this allergen-free miso works well with dips, sauces, dressings, and marinades.