Product Concept

Honoring Japan’s Traditions

Each of our products is extraordinary. Mitoku specializes in products manufactured using traditional recipes and techniques, whether it be miso, soy sauce, green tea, or sea vegetables. We work with the very best producers in Japan: small scale, long-established businesses that are committed to using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients.

With Respect for Nature

Mitoku products cannot be made without nature’s blessing. We carefully select foods that have been grown, fermented, and matured in close harmony with the natural environment, making use of naturally occurring microorganisms to complete the brewing process. Our producers work in harmony with the seasons to create products that are naturally delicious.

100% Additive-Free

Mitoku offers top quality Japanese organic products with no unwanted extras. That means no chemical seasonings, artificial additives, colorings, preservatives, added refined sugar, MSG, or GMO.

Quality and Safety

Guaranteeing the safety of our products and services is of primary importance. For this reason, we are involved as closely as possible in the manufacturing of our products, taking an active role in procuring raw ingredients and carrying out thorough checks to ensure traceability in both the country of origin and throughout the distribution process. This enables us to provide our customers with safe, high-quality products that can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind.

In addition to supplying food products with organic and kosher certification, we encourage our producers to take a systematic approach to controlling food quality and safety, including the implementation of GFSI benchmarked standards such as FSSC22000 and JFS-C.

We offer a product line-up that covers the following:

• Certified organic Japanese foods

• Macrobiotic quality Japanese foods

• Kosher certified Japanese foods

• Traditional/natural Japanese foods and kitchenware

• Ingredients for natural food manufacturing

With Care for Our Environment

Deforestation, global warming, sea pollution, the extinction of wildlife… our modern lifestyle may well be rich with material wealth, but it places an enormous burden on the natural environment. We provide consumers with the opportunity to make choices that are kind to the natural environment and everything in it.