Organic Matcha

Matcha, which literally means “powder tea”, is a finely milled green tea powder. This treasured drink is an integral part of the culture of Japan, and is perhaps best known for its role in the traditional tea ceremony.

Matcha is distinguished by its elegant aroma and its exquisite balance of flavors, combining sweetness, umami, and astringency. The higher the grade, the stronger the umami, the more pronounced the sweetness, and the more vivid the color. Matcha is further renowned for putting the drinker in a state of calm relaxation.

The finest varieties of matcha are made from young tea leaves harvested in the spring. These young, tender leaves are shaded before picking, producing a tea that is rich in umami with a beautiful green color.

Matcha is the most versatile of all teas. Because matcha is a powder, it can be used in many ways other than just as a tea to drink. As a cooking ingredient, the uses of matcha are limited only by your imagination. As well as using matcha as the main ingredient in drinks such as straight tea, lattes, and smoothies, you can also add it to desserts and other sweet treats such as ice cream, chocolate, and biscuits. You might even be inspired to try it in savory dishes.

Matcha is available in a number of grades. The highest quality matcha is intended for use in tea ceremonies, where the tea is served straight so that its elegant taste and aroma may be properly appreciated. The more basic grade of matcha can still be enjoyed as a drink, but it has a more pronounced bitterness than higher grades, so is generally more suited to baking or cooking.

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