Mulberry Tea

Mulberry leaves have a pleasant, mellow flavor and are naturally caffeine-free and rich in minerals, especially calcium. These wholesome herbs have been renowned since ancient times for their therapeutic properties and have long been used in Oriental medicine.

More recently, modern science has provided evidence to support this traditional wisdom. Research conducted by the Shimane Institute for Industrial Technology and the Faculty of Medicine of Shimane University, for instance, has shown that mulberry leaves contain Q3MG (Quercetin 3-(6-malonylglucoside)), which is said to be effective in preventing arteriosclerosis and oxidation of LDL-cholesterol (1). Additional research has suggested that another component present in mulberry leaf, 1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), is effective in reducing blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes by inhibiting α-glucosidase activity (2).

Mitoku’s mulberry teas are produced in Shimane, the second least populated prefecture in Japan, far from urban pollution in an environment ideally suited to organic agriculture. Here, our producer works without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides to produce organic mulberry tea of the highest quality.

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Organic Mulberry Tea is available in teabag, loose leaf, and powder form.

  • Organic Mulberry Tea Powder

    Mitoku’s Organic Mulberry Tea Powder provides the full nutritional benefits of our organic mulberry leaves, which are processed using a specially developed drying method and possess a beautiful, vivid green color that can only come from natural cultivation.

    This tea has a mild, rather sweet taste, reminiscent of matcha, but without bitterness or astringency. Our mulberry tea does not contain any preservatives, colorings, flavorings, or caffeine, and so can be enjoyed by children of any age as well as adults. Like matcha, this powdered tea can also be used to make tasty desserts.

  • Organic Mulberry Tea

    Organic Mulberry Tea has a distinctive, mild, and refreshingly sweet flavor. This tea is made using the leaves of the mulberry plant, which are harvested, dried, and then roasted. Organically grown and completely additive-free, with nutritional components that infuse well in water, our mulberry tea is a great choice for the health-conscious. This tea can be enjoyed iced or hot and does not contain caffeine, making it suitable for any season, day or night.

The natural vitality of organic mulberry

Our producer’s mulberry fields are located in the lush mountain valleys of Shimane Prefecture, a sparsely-populated, largely rural area on the western side of Japan’s main island of Honshu. The fertile soil of this picturesque region provides the mulberry trees with nourishment, allowing them to grow rapidly. After the new sprouts appear in April, the trees will grow by two metres in just a few months.

The tall trees at the back of the field will eventually be covered with delicious mulberry fruits, which are picked during a brief ten-day period in mid-June. The trees grown to produce mulberry tea, by contrast, are kept low so that they receive ample sunlight, ensuring that each leaf is provided with plentiful nutrients.

At the onset of summer, the mulberry field is carpeted with verdant green unfurling across thirty hectares of land. This marks the start of the mulberry leaf harvest, which continues until the beginning of October. 2000kg of mulberry leaves are harvested each day, then transported to our producer’s factory, where they are inspected, washed, and dried. Looking at the beautiful blue skies of the mulberry field as the harvest begins, it is difficult to imagine that just a few a months ago the ground here was covered with snow. After the harvest is over, the trees are carefully pruned in preparation for the harsh cold of winter.

From field cultivation to harvesting, every step of the cultivation process is carried out by hand using traditional methods. This, combined with organic cultivation, results in a final product that is healthy, delicious, and completely free from harmful chemicals and additives.


Organic Mulberry Tea Powder

Organic Mulberry Tea Powder can be prepared by adding cold or warm water in the same as Japanese matcha. Use about 180ml per 2~3g of powder and whisk or shake well before drinking. Soy milk, plant milk, lemonade etc. can be used instead of water, according to preference.

The uses of mulberry powder are not limited to tea. We also recommend mixing it with breadcrumbs to use as batter, sprinkling on rice dishes, or using in desserts such as chiffon cakes or pancakes. Delicious as an addition to food, drinks, or even cocktails, the limits of this handy ingredient are only as wide your imagination.

Organic Mulberry Tea

Organic Mulberry Tea is available in teabags and as loose tea. For both, we recommend using soft water at a temperature of about 80℃. Use about 400ml of water for 2g of loose tea or one teabag and brew in teapot for 4~5 minutes or longer depending on preference. You can also use a mug or teacup with teabags. To make a second brew, use water at a slightly higher temperature than the first brew.