Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning and health food that has been an integral ingredient in Japanese cooking for centuries. This thick, savory fermented soybean paste is high in protein, rich in umami, and incredibly versatile.

Miso exemplifies the many health benefits of fermented foods, being rich with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and essential amino acids. Traditional miso is fermented for long periods in large wooden casks, which provide an ideal environment for bacterial cultures to thrive. This serves not only to develop the aroma, flavor, and color, but also to impart the miso with its high nutritional value. During the fermentation process, the koji generates active enzymes, which aid digestion and support immune system health. Unpasteurized miso is thought to contain more of these beneficial enzymes than pasteurized miso.

At Mitoku, we have an extensive selection including Hatcho Miso, which is aged for over two years using methods almost unchanged since the 15th century. We also supply brown rice miso, barley miso, sweet white miso, instant miso soups and miso powder.

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